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Craigslist Chronicles: I Sold a Table

Aside from having a quality product, it takes three things to quickly move merchandise on Craigslist:

  1. A picture that catches your attention – I suggest using your dog, or borrowing a friend’s if you don’t have one.
  2. Strong, factual selling points – Start with cold hard facts, it gives you credibility, making the mostly made up story that follows totally believable.
  3. A well-crafted, detailed backstory – I’ve seen Antiques Roadshow several times and assume anyone over the age of 25 who buys furniture on Craigslist watches it religiously.  Tracing a piece’s history (fabricated or not) makes a potential buyer feel like they are living Antiques Roadshow.

The posting below is my most recent (and only) Craigslist success story.  I am a career 1/1 Craigslist merchant.  If you’re judging me for misleading the person I sold it to, I don’t care.  She got a great deal on a solid table.  Plus it was my roommate’s and I created the posting 4 days before we moved out, mostly because the table was going to be a pain in the ass to move.


*Antique Dining Room Table & Chairs (White Furniture Co.) – $100*


Dining Room Table with set of 6 chairs by White Furniture Co.
-Dark Oak top with clear finish
-Rectangular with scalloped corners, double pedestal base
-Oak chairs with Caned back and decoratively rounded tops

Height: 30″
Length: 64″
Width: 44″

Exquisite craftsmanship, American made in Mebane, North Carolina
*White Furniture Co. (1881-1993) was named “Best Manufacturer of American Furniture” at the 1907 World’s Fair

Great table, family heirloom that was originally acquired in an estate sale outside of Williamsburg, VA in 1983. The original owner was a 5th generation tobacco plantation owner with great taste in furniture and decor but made a number of large investments in Betamax thinking it would win out over VCR’s. Needless to say he was strapped for cash, had to sell all his furniture and belongings and one man’s misfortune is another man’s great deal on a dining room set. My grandparents gladly took the table and chairs off his hands and gave the set to my parents as a wedding gift.

My dad actually lost it to my uncle in a bet on the Patriots to beat the Bears in the ’85 Superbowl, then won it back in a poker game in 1987 (Uncle Rick wanted to take him all in at the turn but didn’t have the chips so my old man told Rick he’d call if Rick threw the table in the pot. Rick had pocket 4’s with 3 face cards and a 9 on the table, got no help on the river, and of course his pair of 4’s got crushed by a 9-King straight. Rick was a bit of a degenerate and a horrible decision maker. God rest his soul.)

Anyway, GREAT table, boy it could tell some stories. If these walls (or table) could talk, am I right???. Some sandpaper and refinish on the table top and you’ve got a $1500 table. They REALLY just don’t make them like they used to.

*Australian Shepherd pictured not for sale/does not regularly dine at the table, just a little something to make the posting pop*



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