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You’ll Shoot China’s Eye Out

If this headline appeared on a scroll 2,000 years ago,  I probably wouldn’t give it a second look.  In 2017 (when I saw this the other day), the idea of border conflicts between India and China involving soldiers throwing non-metaphorical stones at each other definitely caught my attention. I don’t know what I was expecting to see when I clicked the link, but two Indian soldiers using slingshots wildly exceeded pretty much any expectation.

I couldn’t narrow my thoughts/questions down to one comment much less squeeze it into 140 characters so I made a list of 6, most of which are longer than 140 characters anyway.  Sorry, Twitter.

  1. This is just so quaint that it’s almost refreshing.  This is Mayberry stuff, not the Indian/Chinese border.

  2. Was this a BYOS (Bring Your Own Slingshot) situation or are those military-issued slingshots? Please God tell me that the Indian Army issues slingshots to soldiers who patrol their borders.

  3. Ralphie, from A Christmas Story, a movie made in 1983 that was set in the Ralphie1940’s thinks that this form of weaponry is outdated.  You can easily shoot someone’s eye out with a slingshot but you’re just not going to look that cool doing it.  If Ralphie had wanted a slingshot for Christmas, it would have seriously altered the plot lines of this Christmas classic and it would have been a much shorter movie. TBS could have shown it 18 times for 24 hours straight on Christmas Day instead of the 15 hours we get now.

  4. The conflict ended when China’s mom saw the two fighting and broke it up. She called India’s mom to tell her about it. India went to bed without dinner. (sorry had to cut that out because for half the population of India, it’s unfortunately true)

  5. The conflict ended when the Indians’ slingshots broke. Turns out they were made in China and were mass-produced pieces of shit that fell apart as soon as you bring them home. Shrewd, China. Shrewd. This is why we don’t trust you to make out weapons systems… just everything else.

  6. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones…  While I agree with this statement, I still have to tip my cap to China and India (this is probably a first) because at least they aren’t throwing bombs or bullets.  We’ll see how long that lasts. Probably not long, but here’s to hoping.



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