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Craigslist Chronicles: CD/DVD/VHS For Sale

I thought about finding some funny stuff from the personals section but one scroll through and… my God.  I learned some new terms and broadened my horizons but I don’t wish that on the rest of the world so I opted to take a gander through the CD’s, DVD’s, and VHS’s for sale to see if there was anything interesting/entertaining.  Craigslist, you never disappoint.  Where else can one go if they wanted to purchase a DVD set of Everybody Loves Raymond Seasons 2-5 for $15 then without even having to scroll, can browse through a collection of Asian, White, African, and Mixed Race pornographic VHS tapes ($2 each or 6 for $10)?  Nowhere.

Yes, apparently people still have VCR’s and there is apparently a market for VHS tapes.  I don’t own a DVD player or CD player (outside of my car) so imagining having to not only put a tape into something but then having to rewind it after just feels like a foreign concept to me.  But anyway, take a deep breathe and scroll on… (don’t worry, I started slow to ease everyone in)


The two tape double-wide box. Wow completely forgot about that one too. God who still has VHS’s of these and who keeps True Lies, Big, a couple Broadway shows, and classic baseball and football documen…. Wait actually, True Lies, Big, Broadway, Sports. This guy/girl has some eclectic and extremely good taste. Wonder if he/she is single?


A Canadian Mounty and a short-sleeve button-down clad Chicago Cop solving crime together? (the seller said criminal activity but I can tell by the look in their eyes that they’re good guys and I confirmed with YouTube)

I really ran the gamut of emotions here. I was laughing at the idea of this show existing in Canada in the 80’s. Then looked it up and it ran on CBS from 1994-1999 and was created by Paul fucking Haggis – the dude that made Walker, Texas Ranger then Casino Royale, Crash, and Million Dollar Baby. At this point I’m pissed at my parents that I wasn’t raised on this show. I called my mom crying and she had never heard of it so at least it was negligence, not them deliberately robbing me of this show.


Congrats to this guy for never being diagnosed with a “big disease” since he’s selling this despite never having opened it.  Maybe it doesn’t have any actual cures though is he’s letting go of it unopened for only $5?

Fast 7 Wheel

OOOOOoooo…  Hello there.  Only $40?

I retract anything possibly negative or questionable that I may have said about the merch that Craigslist offers.


Ehhh on second thought…

What the fuck?  If you aren’t a history teacher, and even if you are, I have a lot of questions.  This is sorta like my red Starbucks protester idea – a couple years ago when people were protesting red Starbucks cups because they skewed towards Christianity during the holidays. I wanted to organize a giant protest and then arrest everyone who showed up and put them on a desert island.  Anyway, I’d like to buy this and just keep it posted and arrange a sting then arrest and question whoever showed up looking for his Hitler’s Inferno vinyl.  Clearly this guy thought of this already since he insists on meeting in a public place.  But being cognizant of this and still only asking $16?  That’s a pretty steep price for opening federal agents up to whatever else you have going on.



Kid Rock is a rock meets rap, dipped in white trash.  Craigslist is Amazon meets the mall, dipped in white trash.  Only fitting that Kid Rock would end up on Craigslist.  Kid Rock is Craigslist.  This is the longest and most detailed description anyone has ever used on Craigslist.  I didn’t read it all and neither should you but I’ve highlighted that he’s a major influence on Blake Shelton, Gretchen Wilson, and Eric Church.  If anyone ever tells me that Kid Rock was a major influence of mine, I’ll probably go ahead and walk out into traffic.


This guy was fucking influenced by Kid Rock.  He’s cleverly not selling anything but rather just advertising.  He’s just a Saigon looking for his Turtle.  Check him out on iTunes.  Turn Up! is everything you’d hope for and more.


In case anyone is hosting a Halloween Party and has never heard of Spotify or YouTube…  Also, Monster Mash is the worst song of all time.  And WTF this CD doesn’t have the greatest Halloween song of all time:


Daddy movies???  Is this how some dude described porn to his kids or something?  But 197 movies.  This guy fucking loved his daddy movies.  Wonder if Bob discovered the internet or if he’s hangin up the jergens and kleenex for good?  Either way anyone who made porn during the 90’s should tip their cap to one of the greats playing his final game.  No trades.



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