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College Football Playoff Outlook

It’s now late October.  New iPhone.  Pumpkin spice is at the peak of its powers.  I’ve stopped watching college football games that I didn’t bet on.  I’ve got a pretty slutty costume planned out and I’m looking forward to not being judged for showing a little more skin than usual because it’s Halloween.  I’ve changed my mind on Trevor Siemian like 17 times.  I spend Saturdays being excited about basketball season and refreshing Twitter to see if Butch Jones is still employed.

Other people who attended or are fans of schools with good football teams are anxiously anticipating the playoff.  And since NCAA is unfortunately calling the shots and there are only 4 teams in the playoff, that leaves like 113 teams on the outside looking in.  And you know what, 4 or 5 of them have legitimate cases to be included.  Here are the blind resumes of the handful of schools that are in the playoff picture so you can be the judge of who deserves to be among the 4 and who deserves to be left out on the corner in the pouring rain*.

Then after you’ve made your judgment, I’ll show the teams associated with each resume (and since I’m the one making the actual judgement, I’ll either tell you you’re wrong or tell you that great minds think alike).

For starters, unless Alabama loses a regular season game or gets blown out in the SEC Championship, they’re in. 

Bama Resume

The Rest:









I’m still waiting on the phone call from the Playoff Selection Committee to ask for my input (I’ve tweeted at Condoleezza Rice from one of my burner accounts like 47 times).  At this point though, the three most deserving teams in addition to Alabama are:

Team 5 – Georgia

No brainer, they’re 8-0, even with a loss to Bama in the SEC Championship, I think Georgia deserves a playoff birth as long as they win out in the regular season.

Team 2 – Penn State (We Are)

They have the hardest schedule and are one play and one point from being undefeated.   Let’s not overreact to whose lost most recently especially given the circumstances.

Team 4 – Ohio State

2nd toughest schedule and beating Penn State is probably the most impressive win anyone has had all year.


Notre Dame has 4 games left all vs. quality opponents (Wake, @Miami, Navy, @Stanford). They should be favorites in all 4 but depending on how things play out, the Irish may have the highest ranked SOS by the time all is said and done.  If they win out, it may be hard to argue to keep them out.

Either Oklahoma or Oklahoma State will be out after this weekend with a head to head match up and OU still has to play TCU and West Virginia.  Oklahoma State has to go to Iowa State as well which will be a tough game, especially coming off of Oklahoma.

Clemson plays @ NC State this coming week and that will be by far their biggest challenge outside of the ACC Championship.  They’re still alive as long as they win out and take the ACC title.

Tennessee is almost mathematically eliminated with 5 losses including 2 by more than 35 points. 

Apologies to Wisconsin, Washington, Miami, TCU, and Virginia Tech who are all still contenders but either haven’t played anyone, will lose again, or both.


In closing, here is a 10 minute explanation from Washington State Head Coach and American National Treasure, Mike Leach, on why we should have more than a 4 team playoff.


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