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SVP’s One Big Thing – 5 Best

I’ve been listening to Scott Van Pelt on his radio show (and watching him co-host SC) for about 10 years.  My favorite segment he did on his radio show was One Big Thing.  I miss Van Pelt and Russillo since the latter moved to the midnight Sportscenter but am thankful that one of the hold-overs from the SVP & Russillo days is One Big Thing.

Late Night, Talk Show, Radio Show hosts entertain us and make us laugh.  The great ones though, really open up, let us know who they are and connect with the audience.  It’s not always the funniest segments that are most memorable.  We love, appreciate, and remember the moments when the people that usually make us laugh or tell us what’s going on in the world also make us think, inspire us, or put things into perspective when we need it.  It’s tough to do this during a highlights show but SVP has mastered it and brought this bit of talk radio personalization to Sportscenter.  Here are five of his best

Iowa Football’s New Tradition

Lamar Odom

Pink October

Stuart Scott’s Induction into UNC’s Journalism HOF

John Saunders



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