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Some families have traditions like picking out a Christmas tree together, fathers/sons catching Opening Day every year, or gathering around listening to Uncle Ari tell the story of the first Passover.

My brothers and don’t have any formal annual traditions but one thing we make a point doing of whenever we’re together is to sit down around the table, shut off phones, email, and any other distractions and take turns saying things that we really love and respect about each other.  OK not really.  That sounds awful… “Danny showered this weekend” or “Jimmy’s car is fuel efficient and it’s turning radius is better than I expected” and my well of compliments would be about dry.

Instead of complimenting one another, we throw out ridiculous hypotheticals, ideas, and potentially divisive topics and spend hours debating, going off on wild tangents, and breaking down how I am right and you guys are idiots. Decisive wins and losses are few and far between (a “Yea but still” or “I was just playing devil’s advocate” is usually the closest admission of defeat).

The real “wins” come when the subject matter has become so reaches a point of being asinine, offensive, or immature that our mother can no longer sit by idly listening.  I’m not sure what she is expecting or hoping for when she chimes in but either way, an exasperated “What is wrong with you people?”, “Who raised you?”, or her trademark hands-in-the-air “Why Do I Bother? Why-Do-I-Bother? Why… Do… I Bother??” is basically the wench lifting a crab pot onto the deck to see that it’s bursting at the seams with delicious Opilio.

After however many years of entertaining and impressing ourselves, and offending or appalling her with our twisted imaginations, wit, banter, and sarcasm, I decided to create a forum to compile these and other similar thoughts so others can be entertained, offended, disgusted, or at least given something to think about.

Hope you enjoy.  Or don’t.  Mainly doing this because I’m bored.  If you disagree or don’t like something you read here, you can go to “Contact” on the main menu and tell us about it.